Lucas WorldWide

Lucas WorldWide offers dozens of opportunities that are Internet-based, store based, and product marketing based all internationally. With more than 30 customers and product marketing stages with Lucas WorldWide, each offer a unique item on stores around the globe. Specializing Internet Marketing, Lucas WorldWide lets customers know that they will always be found at the top of their search results.

Lucas Books

Lucas Books develops authors otherwise not known in the publishing industry to a household name and the New York Best Seller Times list. Submitting books to Lucas Books is the easiest process in history. All submissions are reviewed and answered within 48 hours to ensure we have the best possible authors captured within a reasonable amount of time. Launched in early 2012, Lucas Books began with the The Page Cycle Diet brand and launched into stores across the United States and Canada. (Now Sold)

Launched in early 2007 has given laughs and designs on t-shirts that stretch across the globe in Spencer Gift Stores. Offering up more than 100 different designs, lets users customize and design their shirts for their events.

DogGoneGood Inc.

Launched in 2009, DogGoneGood Inc. gives pet owners the opportunity to feed and enjoy their pets organic cat and dog treats. Found in PetsMart stores across the globe. DogGoneGood treats offer 7 flavored for dogs and 5 for cats. DogGoneGood treats are offered in 24 stores in 1600 locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Kevin Medina Design

Partnered in 2008, Lucas WorldWide and Kevin Medina Design have successfully built and completed over 100+ different marketing plans and advertising directives. Kevin Medina Design specializes in graphic design and brand marketing.

Buy Michigan Deals (Now Sold)

Launched in early 2010, Buy Michigan Deals offered daily deals and discounts to 5 cities all over Michigan. With over 19 cities in operation throughout the Midwest, Buy Michigan Deals platform was sold to Built by Lucas himself to push to limits of Internet marketing and web engineering, Lucas was able to help over 250,000 vouchers save Michiganders over 1,000,000 in consumer purchases.

InCaseiBreak (Now Sold)

Launched in 2012, InCaseiBreak or ICIB allows coverage for a number of devices in which a consumer can purchase during or even after the inital 30 day period after inital purchase. ICIB gives consumers the best possible price for coverage and ICIB allows them to file their claims online with a simple form. With all claims processed within 72 business hours, ICIB has the fastest established and growing market to cover the favorite devices of over 100 million users.

Easy Eye Outdoors LLC

Here’s a little history on Easy Eye Archery Products Inc. We are a family owned, Michigan based corporation that started in 1999. We started with the goal to make archer’s lives easier and have built our product line extensively around that principal. All the products start with EZE because that is what we thought our products should be. Easy on the eyes, easy to buy, easy to find and most importantly, easy to use.

Easy Eye Archery Products Inc. is now Easy Eye Outdoors L.L.C. where in 2014 EEO launched into the fishing lure, outdoor sign, and trail marking fields of the great outdoors. Easy Eye Outdoors is operated by Lucas WorldWide in Michigan for founder Patsy Roden.

Decalify & Bible Decals

Launched in 2013, Decalify partners with companies around the world to distribute home decor, wall decals for every individual. Decalify sold more than $350,000 in its first six months and has expanded into Canada, France, and Spain markets. If you want some Decalify's in your store or shop just contact us on the website.