Reputation Management


Your brand’s online presence doesn’t just consist of the information you put onto the Internet; it also encompasses what customers are saying about your business. FanPilot’s reputation management program ensures that your brand’s pages project professionalism, trustworthiness and reliability to all current and future customers.


• Real-time monitoring and management of online review sites, including Yelp, Google Place, Yahoo Local and TripAdvisor.
• Timely responses to both positive and negative customer reviews that have been approved and standardized.
• Reporting comments that are inappropriate, offensive, scams or SPAM to the proper agents.
• Continually updating your brand’s pages on review sites with accurate information and content.


• Maintains your brand’s online reputation and integrity to potential and current customers.
• Establishes rapport with customers to encourage continued engagement with your brand both online and in-store.
• Increases brand cohesion across multiple online channels, helping portray a sense of professionalism and dependability.
• Ensures that consumers are privy to the most updated and accurate information concerning your business and its policies and procedures.