Shirt Fulfillment


                    Inventory shipments to your office, tradeshows, and events  

Stop shipping in bulk to your office and then re-shipping to tradeshows, events, and your satellite offices. Ship just what you need directly from our fulfillment center to each location, anywhere worldwide.                  

                   Giveaway fulfillment from $7/ recipient — including shipping!

No more t-shirt boxes clogging up the office, tedious order filling, customs paperwork, or 'where's my stuff' emails. Let Lucas WorldWide handle the fulfillment - direct to your giveaway recipients - anywhere worldwide. Domestic fulfillment is $6.99 and International fulfillment is $8.99.                

                   Automagic t-shirt size management — never run out!

Stop guessing how many of each size to print. When you buy inventory, Lucas WorldWide automatically figures out the sizes, saving you the expense of having too many of one size, or not enough of another.

                   Open your own company swag store

Got an audience? Sell merchandise to your fans, letting us handle the e-commerce store, payment processing, fulfillment, and returns.