Social Media Management


Setting up an effective Social Media Marketing plan can be a daunting task without understanding what you want to accomplish, your purpose, how to reach your goals – without first measuring your current success (tracking and analytics).

Lucas's Social Media Marketing plan and execution process lowers the slope of that “learning curve” and assists you in defining your specific Social Media Marketing needs.

We break this process down into two core phases of “Plan Definition” and “Execution and Monitoring,” which are described in detail below.

Plan Definition:

Here we go through a series of discovery sessions to determine your goals for the Social Media Marketing program. We determine: how we are going to achieve them; how we are going to measure them; who is involved; and what the projected time period is and budget we have to work with.

The deliverable from this stage is a concise document which covers the following topics:

•Mission Statement
•Time Frame
•Objectives (answer the following for each objective)
•Success Criteria
•Implementation Plan
•Team Communications Plan (how will your team members collaborate)
•The Strategy
•Social Media Content (what content are you going to share)
•Social Media Teams / Departments (who is involved)
•Social Media Services (what services are you going to use)
•There are hundreds of potential social media sites. Together we will identify the most relevant for the first phase of the plan.
•Social Media Tools (what tools will help you)
•Social Media Content Production and Deployment (how do you create the content and publish it)
•Processes (the systematic steps to create, publish, measure and report on our activities)
•Managing Reporting & Tracking Results
•Reporting Metrics

Once produced, this document will provide us with an accurate understanding of what we are attempting to accomplish with social media, how we’re going to do it, and what our metrics will be for measuring our success.

We will also have a solid understanding of who is involved from both the client’s perspective and Lucas’s, and how much time each member will contribute on a monthly basis. With that we can produce a budget for executing the social media plan (Phase 2).


Execution and Monitoring:

In this phase we work as a team adhering to the timeline and period determined for the first round of the social media plan. We implement and configure all social media tools and services. We coach you through the process of having your team members begin publishing content and measuring the results.

We recommend a minimum 6 to 12 month commitment for the first round of Social Media Marketing – on a month to month contract basis. This gives us enough time to make a positive impact and to be in a position to measure results accurately!

Each month we will provide you with the reports measuring our progress towards reaching your goals set forth in the Social Media Marketing Plan. Based on the progress, the campaign can be adjusted as often as each month or as needed to expand or contract the timeline.