Web Development



How does your website compare to your competitors?

Getting visitors to your website is half the formula. Once there, your site must engage them with compelling value propositions, exciting content, and easy usability – or they’re walking. Orient them to the space, make them feel at home – this is the impact of a well constructed site. Your web page on their computer screen is a sample piece of furniture in their home or office – are they going to buy it or return it to the store?

Consider what 10- and 20-year “veterans” of cyberspace need to deem your web presence credible. This is one of the issues that drives Lucas WorldWide to delicately balance the “authenticity,” user friendliness, and excitement your website creates in the heart and soul of your visitors – who want to be your customers and clients!

Last but certainly not least, to help get your site ranked at the top of the search engines results page – to direct visitors to your website! – we ensure that your site meets the format specifications which search engines require.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the complexity of the process and on programming and application needs, fees range from approximately $999 for a basic 5-10 page website to our most popular web design package, which includes WordPress as a content management system.

Websites are as unique as people, and clients may spend more depending on their budget and desire for brochures and other sales collateral.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a fancy term for a web page that your pay per click visitor should land on when he clicks on your advertisement on Search Engines.

Why have landing pages? Isn’t my home page good enough?

Landing pages may significantly increase conversion simply by targeting the page the visitor desires most or best meets their needs. For example, if you sell 1-34 products, and a visitor is looking for Product #33, you want to direct them to a page that only talks about Product #33. This will be more satisfying than landing first on your home page, and engage them in the purchase they want to make.

Landing pages are like “sales people” in your Pay Per Click campaign. They meet visitors at the door, direct them to the products or service they are looking for, and walk them through the check-out.